Abenab Mineralisation

The Abenab mineralisation is hosted by carbonates of the Otavi Group. The deposit consists of a pipelike karst structure filled with a breccia of collapsed country rocks associated with compacted red muds and cemented by coarse calcite and decloizite-vanadinite concretions. The Abenab pipe lies on a steeply dipping sheared contact between a massive dolomite and a platy limestone.
Mineralisation at Abenab is in the form of the oxide minerals descloizite and vanadinite. The vanadium mineralisation takes several forms including breccia clast infill, fine grain fracture fill, open space crystal growth and clay-filled cavities

Golden Deeps has observed three styles of mineralisation at Abenab West:

• “Zinc Reef” – comprising high-grade willemite (zinc silicate) mineralisation,
• descloizite (lead vanadate) mineralisation, and
• disseminated primary sphalerite (zinc) and galena (lead) mineralisation.

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